At 20 minutes of the Field of Mezeyrac, Le Suquet, the Bras family’s gastronomic restaurant, sits proudly overlooking the Aubrac plateau.

In charge at Le Suquet since 2009, Sébastien Bras is making new tracks on Aubrac, with the same passion and the same sensibility as his father, Michel. In tune with the rhythms of the seasons, his cooking reflects and transcribes his emotions, inspired by his symbiosis with nature. His cuisine, intuitive and precise, thus becomes an experience.


Musée Soulages


The cultural project and scientist of the museum Relieve is thought so as to cross the history of Pierre Soulages with the various demonstrations of its creation to knowing paintings on paper and fabric, printed work and the stained glasses. “It highlights of the processes of artistic creation, the share of unexpected in research and, without banal pedagogy, hopes to open the eyes, to wake up the spirit on what is artistic creation in general”. PS

Faithful to the wish of Pierre Soulages, a room of temporary exhibition of 500 square meters is dedicated to other contemporary artists.


Le Viaduc de Millau


An extraordinary history for an exceptional construction

From the first sketches drawn in 1987 to the completion of the construction work in December 2004, it took seventeen years of research and work to fill in the missing link in the A75 motorway.


Forge de Laguiole


Forge de Laguiole, a symbol of French design

The design of the manufacturing site was entrusted to French designer Philippe Starck, and it’s a perfection reflection of the company philosophy: to successfully combine tradition and innovation. Starck’s architectural vision uses glass and aluminum, and features an 18m high gleaming blade soaring into the sky above Laguiole, a symbol of the activity and dynamism of the company.


Jeune montagne


Installed in the middle of Aubrac, Young Mountain manufactures Aligot of Aubrac and the Tome cheese fresh of Aubrac. It is also the principal producer of cheese of Laguiole A.O.P to raw and whole milk. The Cheese-making Cooperative perpetuates the knowledge to make traditional inherited the monks and the buronniers of Aubrac.



That it is the work of ox, calf or the pig, it is a know-how supported on the traditions of transmitted Aubrac of father to son who applies to the Conquet House.





On 2,500 km2, forests and pastures share space. After transhumance, marking the beginning of the summer, one crosses the herds of the splendid Aubrac race there, around innumerable shelters of named shepherds “will burons”.

Here, you will be invaded emotions by surveying the magic landscapes, where the changing light constantly carves the curves and the rocks, creating a single environment.

In winter, snow transforms this single steppe into a beautiful Scandinavian zone where cross-country skiers and of track enjoy big spaces.